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2018 Mountain Refresher


Planning Committee Chair’s Welcome & SLGM Chair’s Message

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us at the Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop "Mountain Refresher".

The Society of Local Government Managers and Planning Committee are proud to offer this outstanding program of timely municipal leadership topics that we are confident will educate and energize you. This year's workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore and develop strategies to tackle the ever changing complexity of local government.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the planning committee members for their work in putting this Workshop together for you and I hope you will find the time over the next three days to thank them.

  • Lucien Cloutier, City of Wetaskiwin
  • Gerald Rhodes, RMA
  • Doug Henderson, Cypress County
  • Dean Krause, Town of Rocky Mountain House
  • Martin Taylor, Town of Barrhead
  • Corrine Newman
  • Jessie Sopko, City of Edmonton
  • Ryan Morrison, Mountain View County

And the biggest thank you goes to our Executive Director, Linda Davies who works diligently to keep the Committee on track and ensures the Workshop logistics are well taken care of so we have the high caliber program we enjoy every year.

Our sponsors are again a vital part of the success of this year's Workshop. Please take the time to note who they are and as you do business with them during the course of the year please recognize and thank them for their contribution.

Thank you for selecting the Mountain Refresher. I would encourage you all to take this opportunity to network and enjoy the fellowship with your colleagues and please mark your calendars for next year's Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop on May 13 – 17, 2019.

Duane Coleman CLGM
Chair, MALW Planning Committee

Message from the Society of Local Government Chair

On behalf of the SLGM Board of Directors I am pleased to welcome you to the 2018 Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop (MALW). This year's event again promises to be practical, thought-provoking, and inspirational. Our goal is to provide you with some innovative ideas designed to improve yourself professionally and enable you as leaders of successful municipalities.

The MALW Planning Committee has done a great job of bringing together a group of accomplished speakers who will be presenting on timely topics that address many of the challenges facing local government today. It is our hope that by the end of the workshop you will have a better idea of how to become a more engaging presenter, strengthen your leadership team, improve your conflict resolution skills, and finally, be more technically competent and an accomplished leader.

Under the leadership of Committee Chairman and SLGM Board Member Duane Coleman, this year's Planning Committee has put a considerable amount of effort into making our workshop a success. By incorporating feedback received from previous workshop participants, they have strived to ensure that the 2018 MALW will be a valuable and useful experience for you. When you come across these folks who have selflessly contributed countless volunteers hours to this event please be sure to thank them for their commitment to your continued learning.

Thank you for spending the next few days with us. Please remember to complete and return your workshop evaluations as your feedback is crucial in helping us address your on-going professional development needs.

Enjoy your time in Kananaskis!

Tim Timmons, CLGM
Chair, Society of Local Government Managers

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